Advantages of Custom Packaging

Why Custom Packaging?

Online sellers know the presentation of a package plays an important role in the eyes of the eCommerce shopper. Not only is it the first impression they receive of your brand, but it also adds a little something to the perceived value of the product inside. In addition, there are other benefits of custom packaging that you and your fulfillment team can benefit from depending on the type of packaging used.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the advantages custom packaging provides and why your company should get on board.

First Impressions Matter 

Custom packaging thank you cardLet’s be honest, the first thing a customer see’s when they order from you is the package it comes in. Therefore, setting a good first impression of how your products are packaged is important.

Using a nice, branded box or bag instead of a generic one allows you to impress your customers before they even touch your products. Not only does this add to the perceived value of your brand, but also improves the chance for a more positive customer experience. This is what you’re looking for to help differentiate you from other online sellers.

This is especially true for eCommerce in general. According to a study from GWP Group, approximately 52% of online shoppers that receive their order in custom packaging are more likely to become brand loyal and return for future orders.

Not to mention, receiving and opening your order is no longer limited to the customer alone. Take a look at the thousands of unboxing videos on YouTube. Potential customers are interested in your products and curious as to how their orders will be received. By setting a good impression with custom packaging you’re more likely to get shout-outs and referrals from social media and convince customers who are on the fence about purchasing.

Cut Costs with the Right Sized Packaging

Custom packaging is not just about wowing customers. Another advantage it provides is its ability to reduce shipping costs. Many shipping carriers have adopted dimensional pricing for packages. This means the cost to ship each depends on the size of the package and where it fits in the carriers size/pricing tiers. By using custom packaging you can dial in the measurements of your boxes and reduce the overall shipping volume, making it cheaper to ship certain kinds of products.

Reducing shipping costs is a huge advantage, especially since it’s one of the most expensive parts of fulfillment.

Other Options for Custom Packaging

Custom tape for order fulfillmentOf course, using custom boxes and materials can be expensive and not the right option for a startup business. However, there are a few other cost-effective options to help you personalize your packaging without having to spend money on pre-printed and designed packaging materials.

  • Print your company name or logo onto packing tape
  • Including giveaway items or inserts including thank you cards, samples, or gift wrap options
  • Using a custom stamp with your logo to personalize the box
  • Different colored mailing boxes and materials to better represent your branding

If you aren’t ready to invest in pre-printed packaging, these small and inexpensive options still allow you to add your branding and create that positive customer experience and first impression.

Don’t Forget About Product Protection

We can’t forget about damaged shipments. Online sellers are aware that it happens often and can lead to a bad customer experience potentially hurting the chances of them returning to your shop.

While it’s difficult to avoid this completely, choosing the right packaging and filler materials for your products can significantly reduce this outcome. Things like sturdy boxes and appropriate filler can create a better fit for your products in the box, increasing its level of protection during transit.

Interested in Custom Packaging?

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of custom packaging and how it can benefit your business? C2W Distribution can help. We offer tailored 3PL & 4PL solutions to help meet your customized fulfillment needs. With everything from custom boxes, inserts, tape and filler materials; we have a solution for you. Leave the logistics to us, while you focus on your core competencies.

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