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Employee-Owned & Committed to Success

At C2W, we’re all about the logistics power that transforms businesses. Our journey began 15 years ago, driven by a clear mission: make supply chains simpler, optimize operations, and supercharge growth for our clients.

Why Choose C2W

Proven Expertise

With over 25 years in the industry, we’re the logistics pros who understand distribution, supply chains, and the challenges businesses face.


Whether you’re a fresh startup or a seasoned brand, our flexible warehousing and fulfillment services grow with you.


We’re all about speed – faster processing, lower shipping costs, and fewer inaccuracies. You focus on your business; we handle the logistics.

Tech Driven

We leverage the tech wave with real-time visibility, analytics, and optimization tools. Get the edge in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Dedicated Crew

Our logistics squad is on call 24/7, making sure your shipments are handled with care and precision.


We’re eco-conscious, reducing our footprint with green practices and sustainable shipping options.

Our Story

At C2W Distribution, we have seasoned leadership at the helm, with over 25 years of distribution know-how. Our leadership team has navigated the ins and outs of retail and wholesale distribution, serving major OEM brands in the mobile accessory industry.
We’re the go-to partners for top indirect retailers nationwide. Our journey to the top has been fueled by hands-on experience in B2B, B2C, and in-house warehousing. This knowledge propelled us to the next level, where we now specialize exclusively in shipping.

Today, we’ve earned the trust of numerous 3PL customers. How? Through our tailor-made solutions, crystal-clear transparency, and rock-solid customer service. At C2W, your satisfaction is our priority.

Our journey started back in 2008 as a minority-owned company, and we’ve since evolved into a leading distributor. We cover a wide spectrum, from Wireless Accessories and Handsets to Wearables, Parts & PC Components, Clothing, Pet Supplies, and Sporting Goods. We bring you the latest and greatest from top manufacturers, along with our in-house owned and licensed brands.

And the best part? We’re an employee-owned crew who are committed to the culture and success of the company. We’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to expand our expertise. With our HQ in sunny Tustin, CA, and a centralized distribution hub in Dallas, TX, we’re here to turn your distribution into your competitive advantage.

Delivering On Your Promises


We moved from fulfilling our own customer orders to C2 Distribution about 1 year ago after handling all our own warehousing/shipping for the past 60 plus years. We were concerned with handing over our business to a 3rd party. After all this was the key part of our business delivering  the right product to our customers on time. This was a big leap of faith especially since we had heard so many horror stories from other businesses in the industry who have used 3PL’s. IF it wasn’t done properly we would be dead in the water. One year later I am happy to say that C2 has exceeded our expectations and we often feel like they are an extension of our team,  form working through supplier issues to saving us time and money we are thrilled with C2 and the peace of mind they have brought to our business. They handle the “dirty” work and we are now able to focus on growing our business and building new relationships.  Gilbert and the warehouse team have really helped improve our business.

Anthony Gatto
President, Kensington Products  

Pivet Communications has been utilizing C2W 3PL services since 2021.  Our rapidly growing brand has leveraged the ‘turn-key’ 3PL services provided by C2W to help us deliver across our customer landscape from large scale deliveries to national retailers to our daily B2C transactions.  The account management is top notch!  C2W proactively provides guidance on ways to improve Pivet’s logistics and supply chain needs which validates my decision to trust them with my business long-term.

Michael Pratt
CEO, Pivet Communications

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